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 It looks stylish and exquisite, and if properly selected, the coat can highlight the merits of the figure and hide flaws.

What coat to choose if we have a small figure

If your height is low, the most suitable for you are coats with a length to the knee and design with clean lines. The large long-sleeved cuffs on the sleeves also balance the figure. To create an illusion of higher height, pay special attention to the waist. Suitable waistcoats are cut in the waist, with an additional belt or a pair of overcoats, the upper of which resembles a separate garment. As for the neckline, a beautiful collar would be very good, but be careful about its size.

What coat to choose if we have a body of a sand clock

If you have such a figure, you are undoubtedly happy. What’s better than a body with harmonious, feminine curves. To highlight this, choose a rug in a straight silhouette or trapezium shape, with clean lines and natural shoulders. Knee length is very appropriate. Avoid deep necklines and heavily sharpened lashes that fall too low to the waist. Pockets with lids and any small details on the design – boards, patches, etc. would have turned your attention away from your nice figure, so they are not recommended.

What coat to choose if we have wide shoulders

If you have this flaw, the main thing you need to know when choosing a coat is:
under no circumstances should you stress the shoulders. Avoid coat-shaped coats (narrow in the bottom), coats with high shoulder pads, trousers, pads, pockets and flaps, any detail in the design that would attract the eyes to the shoulders. Also not suitable are coats with tight tight sleeves, two-fold buckles or large volume collars.

If you are one of these people – eternal traditionalists and you can not break your vision, do not despair if the bright colors do not suit you. The designers have thought about you as well, choosing a palette in light brown to beige – in warm shades. The other option is to stop on a gray coat, with light shades dominating here, ranging from dove gray to the color of the chinchilla fur. The fact that the gray coats do not predominate, no print means in itself that the color is sufficiently expressive.

For colorful and cheerful personalities, as I mentioned above, there are bright contrasting coats. An absolute hit this year is the red color, of course it is just as good on both blondes and brunettes. In order to buy a coat in this color, you must also comply with your figure – if you have one pound in excess, do not choose very bright red and a slightly darker color – be careful with the model.


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In autumn and winter the right overcoat is key to whether our vision will look complete.

Whether we rely more on dresses or skirts in our daily lives, or we are delighted with the tried and tested combination of jeans and sweater, the coat we combine our toilets is of key importance.

With almost endless shopping opportunities, it’s very possible to stop a model that is not really right for you. A coat is one of the things we need to invest more. Especially if it is quality and we plan to carry it more than one winter.

To help you with the choice, we analyze the four most popular lengths in the coat, revealing the answer to the question of who they are suitable for. A coat of length just before the thigh is for you if you do not belong to the high ladies category.

The silhouette that fits your body curves will allow you to choose a one-color model or one on a chassis. Pay more attention to the small, but important details such as the waist belt or narrow sleeves.